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CocoBaba by Emma Heming Willis is a simple, clean and effective body care line for moms.

  • Pure certified organic coconut oil
  • 100% Vegan & natural
  • Free of silicones, parabens and mineral oils
  • Dermatologically tested

Our Products
CocoBaba Care-Bundle
Our starter set with 2 products. For best results –
used together.
  • Pure certified organic coconut oil
  • 100% Vegan & natural
  • Free of silicones, parabens and mineral oils.
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Meets strict German ingredient standards.

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Our Story

No one can prepare you for the feeling that floods through you when you find out: You’re going to be a mama. But you can prepare your body for the journey.

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Coconut Body
Butter Mousse

CocoBaba’s Body Butter Mousse provides long-lasting moisture, that soothes, deeply hydrates and protects the skin while softening the appearance of stretch marks.

19.47 €
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Body Oil

The CocoBaba Body Oil reduces the appearance of existing stretch marks and counteracts their development noticeably.

24.36 €
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Oil Scrub

The CocoBaba Coconut Oil Scrub gently exfoliates the body while providing the skin with long-lasting moisture, preventing itching due to dry skin.

19.47 €
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Meet the Creator

With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry I had already tried and used a lot of products – maybe you could call me a cosmetic junkie, one who loves a beauty routine.

However, when I became pregnant, I found that in this joyful yet sensitive time in my life many of these products didn’t meet my expectations and I felt the need to return back to the basics—coconut oil. At my local supermarket I went directly to the oil and vinegar section and grabbed a jar of an old family favorite.

My mother used the coconut oil from cooking, in our hair and especially on our skin.  I can even recall my grandmother waxing her wood table with it! Coconut oil was simply a part of our life;  its healing and soothing effects are well-known and the oil proved itself at every opportunity as a natural all-rounder.

Created with care and love by,

Our Story
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Happy Customers
Mon-Chan Narita

This scrub is a WOW product! It's the first scrub that moisturizes my very dry skin at the same time.


Cocobaba won me over after my first application of the body oil & became an essential part of my beauty routine. Cocobaba’s lavish products hydrate my skin, but do not leave a greasy residue. Instead, my skin feels amazingly smooth & looks healthy. The best part is that Cocobaba is 100% organic; therefore, no harmful chemicals coming in contact with my skin. The skin is the first defense of the body and needs to be adequately hydrated for protection. Not only do I LOVE Cocobaba, but my husband & son do too!!!

Dawn (Psoriasis-Betroffene und CocoBaba-Verwenderin)

I’ve been using all three products daily for a week and for the first time I’m seeing a visible improvement in my psoriasis as a result of the products. I’ve used prescriptions and over the counter products in the past and I’m overjoyed by the results I’m seeing from CocoBaba!

Claudia Bjørch

In my pregnancy, I have used Cocobabas body Oil every single day! Before buying the oil, it was important for me to examine the product from top to toe to see if it was as natural as they write, and it is! So I hurried to buy the product which, despite the trip all the way from Germany to Denmark, arrived quickly and in a nice environmentally friendly packaging! The oil has a silky smooth texture, is super easy to spread on the body and has the most beautiful smelling natural coconut scent. The oil feels really nice on the body and is quickly absorbed into the skin, completely without feeling greasy. I have recommended Cocobabas body oil to anyone with dry skin, anyone who is pregnant or for those who just want a perfect natural oil for the whole body. The only downside of the product is when you run out!

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